iLovePDF API pricing

We offer two pricing models, Subscription Plans or Prepaid Packages. For custom Plans or High volume ones, request a quote
All registered users get 250 free files per month.

Save 20%

How many files per month do you need to process?

$39 USD
per month

$ $ per month

You get the best price with Yearly Payments

The first 250 files per month are FREE for all our API clients
Only successful processings are deducted from your file credit

The first 250 files per month are free for all our API clients

How many files do you need to process?

$39 USD

The first 250 files per month are FREE for all our API clients
Only successful processings are deducted from your file credit
Prepaid file packages do not expire

Included with all Subscriptions and Prepaid Packages:

Merge PDF
Split PDF
Compress PDF
Office to PDF
Rotate PDF
Repair PDF
Extract text
Protect PDF
Unlock PDF
Add Watermark
Add Page numbers
Validate PDF/A

Security features

HTTPS SSL Secure Upload (SHA256)
IP and Domain filtering
Advanced file Encryption

Task limits

100 files per Task
1 GB per Task
1 hour file storage

Any questions? No problem, here's our most common questions about pricing

What's the difference between Subscription and Prepaid?

The prepaid packages gives an amount of files with one-time payments and this credit of files to process do not expire, you can buy files to process and use them whenever you like. This means maximum flexibility without any risk for you. And if you want so, you can set the option to automatically rebuy a prepaid package so that your account will never run out of quota.

Our subscriptions charge you every month for a fixed amount depending on the number of files and you don't have to be aware of rebuying files every time. But unused files will expire at the end of the period. You can choose between monthly or yearly subscription with a 20% discount.

The choice between these two possible payment models depends on your personal usage: Prepaid packages are more flexible for one time buyers whereas subscriptions are cheaper and might be the choice if you know how much quota you need.

In both cases you have 250 files for free to process with your sign in and the amount of processed files from your subscription or prepaid package won't start to count until you have used all your free files.

Which is the best choice?

It depends on your needs. If you know how much files per month you would process, subscriptions should be your choice as subscription plans are cheaper, but files expire at the end of monthly period.

On the other side if you need to process many files only once every time to time, go for the prepaid package.

Either way, you can combine subscriptions with prepaid packages for exceptional situations when need to process more files than the amount you subscribed for. We will count first the amount of subscription files processed and after them, the amount of files from the prepaid package.

Can I try it out?

Absolutely. Sign up for our limited access of 250 files per month and see if iLovePDF is for you. We recommend and invite you to try our API for free so you can check if it fits for your needs.

Can you guarantee up time?

Yes, we guarantee up time for all our paid access plans

How safe is your encryption?

We use bank grade encryption algorithms and end-to-end encryption for all our clients. That means your data is processed as safely as possible.

All uploads use https/SSL and include our end-to-end encryption for further privacy. These additional steps increases security and satisfy most corporate data privacy policies.

How are calculated the number of processed files?

Only successful processed files are counted and deducted from your monthly quota. If you are subscribed in a monthly Plan and you also have purchased a Prepaid Package, the files will be always deducted first from your monthly quota and when it would get empty we will start to deduct from your Prepaid package quota. When merging n PDF files, the number of processed files will increase only by 1.

What happens if I go over limits?

As you hit 85% of your limit, we'll send you an email so you can upgrade your subscription or buy a Prepaid package in time. If you don't renovate your subscription or buy more files before your limit is reached your service will be halted. But rest assured that we'll send you a notification so there are no surprises. You'll be also able to set automatic purchase of Prepaid package if the limit is reached.

How does your support work?

We work to offer all support resources available online. You have access to our updated website libraries, documentation and guides. Additionally if you need assistance about API issues or registering and licensing inquires contact us and we'll try to respond you in 24-48h max.

Can you invoice me?

Yes, Tax Invoicing is available for all the Plans. All prices are VAT included.

What are your terms and conditions?

You can read all about our terms and conditions here, or click the "terms and conditions" link in this site's footer menu.