Welcome to the iLovePDF API Guide!

This guide is designed to help beginners and experienced developers to discover what iLovePDF API is able to offer. In addition to the detailed descriptions you will find plenty of code examples in all the API Libraries.

Before we begin with the guide, please take a look on this two sections to have a better idea on how it is structured:

First Steps

  • Getting started will explain you the basics about how to register as an iLovePDF API developer, how to create a new project and download your preferred API library to develop with. After it, you will learn how to authenticate and connect to the API servers to start operating.
  • Basics to process a PDF is the best guide to learn the first steps on basic PDF processing with the iLovePDF Rest API. You’ll learn how to create a New Task, Upload a file, Process it with the desired tool and Download the processed file or files.

Tools guides

Tools guides offers extensive guides about how to process PDF files with all the features that iLovePDF API offers. First you will find basic usage explanations for every tool that allows to create and execute fast and simple tool tasks. But each guide has a secondary part for advanced usage which contains comprehensive explanations about all options and customizations that can be processed with that tool. In order to get the full potential of the API do not miss this advanced explanations.

You can begin with How to Merge PDF files guide and go on.

Guides updates

One final consideration before ending this welcome: Since we pretend to have the iLovePDF API updated with future improvements and fixed issues, these guides will be revised regularly with new versions to keep you well informed at any time.

We hope you’ll find this guides useful but for any comment, please contact us.